Altering the bacchante romper crotch depth

You may need to alter the crotch depth of the bacchante romper if your own measurements differ from those on the sizing chart. Here’s how to do that!

Step 1:

On the pattern piece matching the size that fits you at the waist, draw a line from the waist to the hem approximately half way along. Draw a second line curving from front crotch to back crotch BELOW the dot.

Altering crotch depth on knickers-02.jpg

Step 2:

Cut along the curve first, and then along the bottom piece of the “side seam”, making three pieces.

Spread them the desired distance from the top piece, following the curve of the original crotch seam. Make sure that you are adding the same amount of distance all the way along.

*The amount of space to add is (YOUR MEASUREMENT - PATTERN MEASUREMENT) / 2. For instance, if your crotch depth is 67.5 cm, but you are making a size 0 pattern, you would subtract 63.5 from 67.5, which gives you 4 cm. You would then divide that by two, for a total of 2 cm to add.

Altering crotch depth on knickers-03.jpg

Step 3:

Connect the lines and smooth curves.

Altering crotch depth on knickers-04.jpg
Helena Smith